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Gina Lovestrand: Manager, Product Buyer, and Rock Climber


Gina works passionately toward her goal: making Monarch Gift Shop a resource for empowerment and inspiration. As the manager of Monarch, she is dedicated to ensuring that the store is always filled with exciting, fresh products, events, classes and services that reach out to everyone's heart and soul. Having helped her mother open the shop in 2001 she has learned a lot through the years about life, business and about herself.  Gina feels that her life at Monarch has helped her learn to trust her "inner voice" and gain confidence and clarity about herself and her beliefs.  It makes her so happy to see the store bring out similar gifts in others.

Gina graduated from Hamline University where she studied Business and Comparative Religions and has been managing Monarch full-time since 2003. Her philosophy for leading her employees is to help each person bring out the best within themselves, and to channel their individual strengths and talents in the most creative and effective ways. Her ability to see the best in others allows her to empower her employees to be independent and capable of handling many details.  This way she is able to focus on Monarch's "big picture" goals of inspiration and empowerment.  She feels so blessed to work with such wonderful and talented people and loves having the opportunity to work as a team on all the little details that can make a big difference.

Gina believes that each and every one of us has the power to change our lives. No matter what situation we may be in, we always have a choice with how we think and act. This is why she strives to make sure that Monarch is a place that offers products and tools for learning and growth, so we can choose to surround ourselves with reminders of the happiness, healing and beauty that we all strive for.

Yes, Gina is a busy bee, but she manages to balance out her schedule with quality reading, yoga, rock-climbing, journal-writing, singing, and visiting the North Shore on occasion. She moved to Northfield in 2009 and she loves her life here!

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